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The quick reference for all your electrolytes issues.  Signs and symptoms, etiology, diagnostics, treatment, and references.  Fast.

Acid Plus

The original ABG calculator



They always seem to be too high or too low. But it's your job to get them back in line.

Enter Lytes, the program that provides quick, at-your-fingertips information about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of electrolyte disorders.  Our Lytes Selection Dial lets you drill down to the info you need within seconds.



  • See causes, signs, diagnosis, and treatment with a flick of the thumb
  • Intuitive single screen interface keeps things straighforward
  • 50 pages of practical info for the wards
  • Lytes remembers where you left off when you return
  • All disorders provided with a reference section with links to PubMed

Fast, intuitive, gorgeous analysis of your ABG


Designed, programmed, and used by two internal medicine docs, Acid Plus is an essential tool for healthcare professionals who need quick, powerful, and easy-to-interpret acid-base results from ABGs and metabolic panels.

Ideal for MDs, PAs, NPS, RNs, RTs, EMTs, and med students, everything you need for acid-base calculations is put right in the palm of your hand. No more ABG cards or guesswork.

With an intuitive design and easy-to-read display, Acid Plus makes it a breeze to answer even the most complex acid-base problems in seconds. Just turn the device to landscape view to get a colorful graph with an arrow highlighting the disorder.



  • Fast, accurate input using the ABG dial
  • Primary calculations including partial and complete compensations using anion gap with delta delta
  • International support for kPa
  • Ability to discern complex acid/base problems with secondary disorders
  • See the anion gap and delta delta displayed on-screen with metabolic acidoses
  • Optionally display base excess to gauge severity of a disorder
  • Detailed views listing common causes of the primary acid-base disorder
  • Simple rotation of the device right or left to landscape view reveals a colorful acid-base graph
  • Real-time bouncing arrow pointing to the correct disorder on the graph
  • Set your own institution's anion gap easily for personalized results
  • Save and recall your most recent ABG for quick review
  • Works on both iPhone and iPod touch