Fast, intuitive, gorgeous analysis of your ABG


Designed, programmed, and used by two internal medicine docs, Acid Plus is an essential tool for healthcare professionals who need quick, powerful, and easy-to-interpret acid-base results from ABGs and metabolic panels.

Ideal for MDs, PAs, NPS, RNs, RTs, EMTs, and med students, everything you need for acid-base calculations is put right in the palm of your hand. No more ABG cards or guesswork.

With an intuitive design and easy-to-read display, Acid Plus makes it a breeze to answer even the most complex acid-base problems in seconds. Just turn the device to landscape view to get a colorful graph with an arrow highlighting the disorder.



  • Fast, accurate input using the ABG dial
  • Primary calculations including partial and complete compensations using anion gap with delta delta
  • International support for kPa
  • Ability to discern complex acid/base problems with secondary disorders
  • See the anion gap and delta delta displayed on-screen with metabolic acidoses
  • Optionally display base excess to gauge severity of a disorder
  • Detailed views listing common causes of the primary acid-base disorder
  • Simple rotation of the device right or left to landscape view reveals a colorful acid-base graph
  • Real-time bouncing arrow pointing to the correct disorder on the graph
  • Set your own institution's anion gap easily for personalized results
  • Save and recall your most recent ABG for quick review
  • Works on both iPhone and iPod touch