Custom Contacts

What is Custom Contacts?: Custom Contacts is the new quick and powerful way to share only the details of your contact info that you want. If your contact info is full of a mix of personal and business details, Custom Contacts lets you easily share one or the other. If you want to send just your phone numbers or just your social media accounts, Custom Contacts makes it easy to do so with a few quick taps. Upgrading to the Pro version saves you even more time by letting you save customized contact templates that let you pre-select exactly the contact details you want to send.

The Story Behind The App: At Free Radical Software, we kept running into a problem: we wanted to share our contact information with a business partner or a colleague at a conference or a friend, but our contacts were filled with a jumble of personal, business, and family details. There was no easy way to send only the specific details we wanted to someone. So we decided to fix the problem. We’re very happy to introduce Custom Contacts, an iMessage app that lets you choose just the contact items you want to send. You can download it for free and use it as often as you want to generate customized contacts on the fly, or you can unlock the Pro version with an In-App Purchase to allow yourself to save an unlimited number of custom contact templates that can be used over and over again with one tap.

Take control of your contacts… with Custom Contacts.

Share contacts directly in imessage

Since Custom Contacts is an iMessage app, it’s located in the iMessages app tray. Just tap the icon to launch the start screen where you can chose from the contact list stored on your phone.

Choose only the details you need

You can select just the contact items you want to send. A helpful Select/Deselect All button simplifies the process. Tapping the “Send Contact” button will package this custom contact info and send to whomever you’re messaging.

Save templates to use again and again

With the Pro version, you can save time and have multiple custom contacts at your fingertips by saving an unlimited number of contact templates. Finally it’s easy to have control over your contact details and make sure you hand out only the parts of your contacts you want.