Custom Contacts

Where is the app on my phone? I can’t find it!

Unlike many apps on the iPhone, Custom Contacts is embedded right inside the iMessages app. This makes it very easy to quickly generate a custom contact and text it to someone on the fly. Open iMessages and look in the tray of mini-icons. Tap on the Custom Contacts button (see the arrow in the figure) and our app opens right in your iMessages window.


Why is the contact name scrambled when I get ready to text it? Can I still send my customized contact?


If you see something that looks like this, don’t be alarmed. The contact name will look correct again if you restart your phone. We’re sorry, and we know that’s inconvenient. If you don’t want to restart your phone, although the name appears incorrect, your customized contact details will still be safely sent and received correctly and the name of the contact will be correct when imported. This is due to an unfortunate bug in Apple’s code; they’re working to fix it.

Does Custom Contacts work with Android phones?

You can send your customized contact to anyone who can receive text messages. The person you are sending your contact info to does not need to have Custom Contacts installed to receive or import that contact.

Why does Custom Contacts need access to my contacts? How does it use access to my contacts?

Custom Contacts needs to be able to access your contacts to send contact info and save templates. But we don’t use your contacts for anything else! None of your contact info is transmitted to us or any third parties. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Does Custom Contacts alter my contacts?

No! The app sends and saves just the parts of your contacts that you want but doesn’t alter or overwrite the contacts in Apple’s Contacts app.

What if I change or add details to a contact in my main Apple Contacts app?

Changes won’t be updated in Custom Contact templates. If you make a change to a contact, please delete and remake the favorite template in Custom Contacts.

Acid Plus

Is Acid Plus ever coming back to the iPhone/iPad?

Yes! Very soon! If you’re interested in being a beta tester, please let us know.

How do I get to the graph screen?

Turn the iPhone to the right or left and the graph screen will slide into place.

What are Na and Cl used for in the calculation?

Acid Plus uses Na and Cl to calculate the anion gap to determine if a high anion gap metabolic acidosis is present.

Should I use bicarbonate(HCO₃) from the ABG or CO₂ from metabolic panel?

We recommend using the CO₂ from the metabolic panel since this is a directly measured value; the bicarbonate(HCO₃) on ABG is calculated instead of being directly measured.